The ABCs of Spirituality

What is spirituality?

What does it mean to be a spiritual person?

How can I nurture my spiritual self?

How can I grow toward union with my spirit?


Spirituality has many definitions, but it is essentially the lived expression of one’s belief in a common force that unites all living things. Because we are all unique, everyone’s lived expression of their belief will be different. At Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Episcopal Church, we have members whose spirituality is expressed through their call to feed the hungry or read books to children and others whose expression is less visible, through prayer or researching our history.

Though many of our members find regular worship and stewardship to be an important part of their spirituality, one’s spiritual life does not have to be cultivated in the context of a religious community. Indeed, some describe themselves as “spiritual, but not religious”.

Whatever your thoughts about religion, we hope you will journey with us over the next year to discover 26 different gateways to spiritual growth. Every other week, one of our church members, Megan Bartlett (or a guest blogger) will post a new gateway to spiritual growth, starting with “A: Awareness”and ending with “Z: Zen”. Each post will provide a brief definition of the concept, explain how it can be a gateway to spiritual growth, and offer an exercise through which to put the concept into practice.

We hope that something in these words will resonate for you and we trust you will grow in awareness of your spiritual self. To begin your journey through the ABCs, click here.



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